This is your source for fine art and limited edition prints.  You'll find a wide selection of motorcycle art, classic car art, hot rod art, and Harley-Davidson® motorcycle art as well as a Gift Gallery.  Every effort is made to reproduce the original as true as possible on these pages.  Given the limitations of electronic images, the original will always be brighter and with better color than you see here.  

As always, we guarantee that you'll be pleased.  Mike Mayer

Selected Galleries

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NOTE that often the title of a painting does not reflect the  type or cars or motorcycles in the painting.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to CONTACT US.  
We'll be glad to help any way we can.

Artist Galleries

Dave Barnhouse
Kent Bash
Mack Beasley
Greg Benson
Dale Bert
Francois Bruere
Ralph Burch
Richard Capra
Gary Carpentier
Vince Ciccia
Harold Cleworth
Bernard Corman
Merv Corning
Melinda Cowdery
Kevin Daniel
Mark Davidson
The Deadwood Girls
David DeVary
Lori Diemer
Disney Fine Art
Doug Downs
Ken Eberts
Manon Elder
Sune Envall
Patrick C Finley
Helen Flint
Dana Forrester
Ray Foster
Lorin Friesen
Tom Fritz
Gearhead Designs
Jim Gerdom
D.F. Gray
Larry Grossman
James Gucwa
Ian Guy
Philip Hall
Barbara Haselton
Dan Hatala
Eric Herrmann
Mathew Hintz
Todd Howe
Michael Irvine
Scott Jacobs
Gloria Jelladian
Bruce Kaiser
Chris Kallas
Dale Klee
Michael Knepper
Michelle Koppien
Janet Kruskamp
Dave Kurz
Larry Lathrop
Sara Liberte
Michael Lichter
Udi Lichtschein
Lory Lockwood
Ron Long
Buck Lovell
Geri Magdiel
Susan Manders
David Mann
Ian Matthew
Steve McCool
Dan McCrary
Harry Miller
Ron Morgan
Patrick Nagel
Tom Newsom
Dixie Olin
Arlen Olson
Jim Owens
Mark Patrick
Leslie McCullough-Payne
Daniel Peirce
Jack Pennington
David Perry
Henri Peter
Mark Peterson
Thom Petersen
David Petty
Markus Pierson
Jack Pumphrey
Dick Reed
Terry Ross
Richard Saint Clair
Thom SanSoucie
Stefanie Aziere-Sattler
Steve Schader
Barry Schoenholz
Steven Shaver
Paul Smith
Dave Snyder
Will Storm
Debbie Sutton
Dale Tangeman
Todd Thunstedt
David Uhl
Vicki Vormehr &
Gail Youngquist
Mark Watts
Keith Weesner
Leonard Wren
Wayne Wright
Mary Watt Yeadon
Darshan Zenith
Ken Zylla

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The finest collection of quality motorcycle and car art prints found anywhere!  
For a comprehensive listing of all our artist galleries with an example 
of each artist's technique, visit the Artist Gallery
Here are some recent favorites:

Click to enter the Eric Herrman GalleryClick on image to enter the Larry Grossman Gallery






click to enter the Dan Hatala GalleryClick on Image to Enter the David Mann Gallery






Click On Image to Enter the Keith Weesner GalleryClick On Image to Enter the Dan Hatala Gallery






Click on image to enter Classic Car GalleryThe Classic Car Gallery
Gas Stations of the '50s
Classics and Hot Rods
Racers and old trucks
Classic garage scenes
The junkyards of your dreams


Click on image to enter Classic Car Gallery






For your viewing pleasure:  Cool Cars You Never Knew Existed
Thanks to our riding friend Jim Schumaker


Click to go the Metal Signs and Clocks Gallery

New Gallery!

Metal Signs and Clocks

Hand-made vintaged metal signs




Click to go the Metal Signs and Clocks Gallery


Hand-made layered 3 dimensional clocks





For your viewing pleasure:  Cadillacs, Remember When
Courtesy of one of our artists, Thom Peterson

Click on Image to Go to The Motorcycle GalleryThe Motorcycle Gallery
Classics, antiques & customs

American made bikes


Click on Image to Go to The Motorcycle Gallery


Click on Image to Go to The Motorcycle Gallery







New Gallery!Click to go the H-D Metal Signs Gallery

Harley-Davidson Metal Signs

Cool metal and wooden signs for indoor or out.




Need a grin today?  From our good friends at quick Throttle Northwest Magazine are a collection of chuckles "Seen on T-Shirts that aren't Harley T-Shirts"  Enjoy

Some very cool and unusual photos:  Classic Motorcycles You've Never Seen
Courtesy of  Thom Peterson

The New Appearance Gallery
Recently issued prints.  Gifts and collectibles.

Click on image to enter New Appearance GalleryClick on image to enter New Appearance Gallery







New Artists
Our newest artists with an example of their work.Click on Image to enter New Artists Gallery

Jack Pumphrey loves to draw and paint cars and has been perfecting his art for many years.  His gallery includes makes and models from the delightful to the extraordinary covering many model years.





Click on Image to enter New Artists Gallery

Jim Gerdom  If you like Fords, and especially Mustangs, this is the place for you!  Nearly every year of Mustang is represented along with many other interesting subjects.





Click on Image to enter New Artists Gallery

Steve McCool makes his art come alive with a personal interest that is shared by those who appreciated the intricacies of a beautiful car.




Click on Image to Go to The Personalized Gifts GalleryThe Personalized Gifts Gallery

A new gallery of signs and prints that can be customized 
with your name, garage or destination.



The Metric Motorcycle GalleryClick on Image to Go to The Metric Motorcycle Gallery
Current and classic bikes
from Europe, England and Japan





Click on Image to Go to The Harley-Davidson Poster GalleryThe Harley-Davidson® Poster Gallery

A new gallery featuring the works of David Uhl and Scott Jacobs



Old Guys RuleClick on Image to enter Old Guys Rule Gallery

"The older I get the better I was!"
A collection of coffee mugs, T-shirts and license plate frames
with clever sayings to reflect your frame of mind. 



Click on Image to enter NASCAR Gallery

NASCAR Gallery

Prints of your favorite drivers and racetracks


Click on Image to Go to the Gallery of Clocks

Gallery of Clocks

Wall clocks, desk clocks, all with motorcycle and car themes




Click on Image to Go to Vintage Automobile Poster ArtVintage Automobile Poster Art







Click on Image to Go to Vintage Motorcycle Poster ArtVintage Motorcycle Poster Art





The Sturgis GalleryClick on Image to Enter The Sturgis Gallery
Limited edition prints and photographs
of America's famous motorcycle rally.




Click on Image to enter Gallery of OriginalsGallery of Originals
Original artwork by various artists.



Collectibles & Gift GalleryGift Gallery
Metal & stone sculptures
Business card holders
Screen savers
Handcrafted miniature metal bikes
Ceramic & metal pencil holders
Humorous wooden signs
Ceramic Tiles


Click on Image to Enter Internet Specials GalleryInternet Specials
Reduced prices on  selected artwork 




Click on Image to Enter Trucks, Tractors & Trains GalleryTrucks, Tractors & Trains
Antique tractors
Classic & antique trucks
Fire engines
Barnyard scenes with tractors
Paintings of trains from Lionel to the Santa Fe


Click on Image to Airplanes GalleryAirplanes
Air Racers, Classics, Modern